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A new style Trellis Swing, plus Just A Barrel
I had made this simple (but still elegant!) rope-and-wood swing seat for the balcony of my villa, and I was looking at the trellis swings, and suddenly I thought, hmmm, why not put my swing from home in there? So that's what I did! It's a carved, polished wood seat with an upholstered cushion seat... yes, you know, me, I can't do rustic if you held a gun to my head. Anyway, so I did it up in three dif. colors, and added pretty climbing flowers to the trellis. It has 17 M&F solo sits, plus 12 cuddles sits. Yes, I know the other trellis swings have 30 cuddles, but those are basically swinging benches; much harder to get cuddles that will work on this style of swing, so you're stuck with 12 :P

So then I was setting up the tiki hut on the far side of my homestead, and wanted some cute barrel seats to go on the decks over the water, and after trying everything I've had in my inventory for years, I just decided heck with it, I'll just make my own... which to be honest is how a lot of the stuff I make, comes to be made. Can't find just what I want, so I make it.  Then stick it in the store :)  Anyway! I did something different this time, which may be some kind of sign for the future, because I get *really* tired of making all those different dozens of listings for color variations. I put the sits in the barrel, and texture changer in the cushions! yep! touch the barrel to change sits, touch the cushion and change the texture!!!! :) :)

You deserve some elegance ~ Elegance by  Elysa!

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Now listening to Johnny Rivers - Baby, I Need Your Lovin', on my new sim stream!

EbE Flowering Trellis wSwing Seat (red brocade) ADc
EbE Trellis Swing Seat (blue quilted) FEbE Trellis Swing Seat (bronze floral) M

EbE Just a Barrel (fairy magic) ADcEbE Just a Barrel (Italianesque) ADcEbE Just a Barrel (shabby wood) ADc

Garden Swings in 2 styles
Two types of Garden Swings! The Trellis Swing is a new release, the Garden Swing I updated, with a better swing script and lots more cuddles! Now the swings have 30 very charming hand-picked cuddles, and it swings smoothly, nice and slow, on sit. There are 3 color styles to choose from for the Garden Swing, and 6 for the Trellis Swing, 3 on the ivory base and 3 on the mahogany base. COPY perms!

♥ Main Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Jewel/145/128/351
♥ Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/72425

EbE Trellis Swing (Ivory-skyblue) ADc
EbE Garden Swing (Mahogany-Celtic) ADcEbE Trellis Swing (Oak-goldsatin) ADc

Aegean Cafe Table & Chairs
I made these to match the Oriental Sky Pagoda done in white marble and my favorite panels of Chinoisserie. They were pretty enough I decided to offer them separate from the Pagoda. All mesh. Each chair has 10 M&F sits, and give cups of coffee and tea. The carpet and table are linked for only 1 pe.

EbE Aetean Cafe Set ADc
EbE Sky Pagoda (Oriental) wRotunda Furnished ADc

Pretty little temple in 2 styles
I made this for myself last night, because I wanted a pretty "sunken tub" atmosphere for my garden bath on my homestead. No, the garden bath isn't included! *laughs* But I liked the temple so much, I put it up for sale for anyone who likes it also! There's two versions, with and without the recessed center. I'm really loving these! They're prim, not mesh, because of the columns... mesh just hates columns and the pe went skyrocketing when I tried.
EbE Shanjir Temple wRecessed Center ADc
EbE Shanjir Temple Interior2

EbE Shanjir Temple ADcEbE Small Temple Interior1

Finished!!!! Bayt Raheem, inspired by a 16th C Ottoman home

I've been working on this on and off for months and months, and I finally got it done!  Inspired by Bayt Suhayme, a 16th Century Ottoman merchant's home in the heart of Old Cairo, that I visited when I was an exchange student in Cairo through my University. A very distinctive period building, it's long and narrow with a bay window jutting out over the street. The street is narrow, and the bay windows would almost touch the bay window of the house opposite, so that the street would be quite dark. The entrance hall opens into a central area that can be used for a garden, with the room that would be the harem above, with ornately carved windows looking down, and the men's sitting area across from that. Double staircases through the central archway lead to the curtained doors of the harem or sitting area. Open grillwork around the top walls and the domes allow heat to rise and escape. This is "inspired by" and not meant to be a replica, but anyone familiar with Bayt Suhaymi would recognize the inspiration immediately. Made all of mesh, it comes to 64 pe, plus1 pe for the door, which opens/closes on touch.

EbE Bayt Raheem ADc

EbE Bayt Raheem Interior1EbE Bayt Raheem Interior2
EbE Bayt Raheem Interior3EbE Bayt Raheem Interior4

EbE Bayt Raheem Interior5

Two very pretty fountains
I've been working on these awhile but they kept getting shoved to the back burner. This week I finally decided to get them done! Both have gentle falling water sounds, not loud or rushy, very relaxing :) The square fountain has a soft jet spray coming up from the center rocks, which you can't really tell in the picture.

EbE Formal Stone Fountain wWater Lilies ADcEbE Tiered Garden Fountain (sky blue gold) ADc

Ancient Egypt, anyone?
Soo... I found this spectacularly awesome statue of Anubis, and after spending LOADS of time figuring out what I wanted, I wound up putting him on a simple base, with a *gorgeous* ancient egyptian texture. Then I added some reclines and meditations. It's just stunning, and when I sent the first copy to my friend Arwen all she could say was OMG OMG :)  Now that's the kind of response I like! I wore her "Tye" Egyptian gown to take these pics :)

EbE Nefertari's Repose (blue lotus) ADc

EbE Nefertari's Repose (black)2EbE Nefertari's Repose (blue lotus)2EbE Nefertari's Repose (black)6EbE Nefertari's Repose (blue lotus)5EbE Nefertari's Repose (blue lotus)6EbE Nefertari's Repose (blue lotus)7EbE Nefertari's Repose (black)5

I also made the statues available as just statues, sans the animations, and with a resizer menu, for those who just want it as decor.

Sultan's Throne Room
The Sultan's Throne Room... not new... but re-doing it in mesh and in copy perms... also this is the first time it'll be rezzed out entirely in the store, as I have the room and the prims now. I forget how really really gorgeous it is until I see it out like this... okay, yeah so I'm patting myself on the back, but Wowza! I just love this!

Sultan's Throne Room Text (Radiant)
EbE Sultan's Courtier's ChairEbE Sultan's Harem Cushion2EbE Sultan's Firebowl
eBe Sultan's Palace Vase wPalm

EbE Sultan's Throne ADc
And it gets even better! Within an hour of announcing the release, a lady came by and purchased one as a gift for her father... ibn Saran, the "Salt Ubar" himself! And he must have liked it, because she sent me this picture of him on his new throne in his palace at Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes!
Ibn Saran the Salt Ubar

mesh tea service and fruit plate
In the constant effort to lower prims, I went searching for fruit, to re-make my fruit plate (originally all with sculpts) over in all mesh... I found everything I needed, and it looks even better, and totally yummy! Also, I just *hated* my old sculpty Bazi tea service... so I did a really nice one in all mesh, including both sugars, yellow and white, naturally! LOL. Can't forget the sugars! anyway, it's available in 3 different floral patterns.. until I can find more!

EbE Fruit Plate (mesh) ADc
EbE Bazi Tea Service (yellow rose) AD

Lots of Vases!!!
SOooo I went absolutely nuts the other day playing with some new vases and textures, and wound up with dozens (literally!). Me being me, I couldn't just pick a couple of good ones and delete the rest, oh no... they were too good to delete! So I wound up with, yes, loads of vases in different styles... old world, pharaonic, rococco, baroque. Don't even ask me to explain the difference in names... they're what pops into my head at the time while I'm studying the piece. Which is how I name most everything, actually *laughs* The sky here is Tor's Sunrise "Moonberries" which is one of my absolute favorites :)

the new vases

We've MOVED! to a full sim!
I got a new, FULL sim, named Serena Jewel, for my store and also for my park, which has been its own homestead. It's just east of the sim my store has been on, so Arwen and Marbella of Soedara's are still my neighbors! :)  The only main difference is that Elegance is in the sky, while the park, Tranquility Grove, is on the ground. Arwen and Marbella created entrances from their stores into the park. I got this picture to put on the teleporter, for the passage-through to Soedara's and Arwen's. And of course, Arwen's super size bunnies, with the twitchy ears and wriggly noses, were moved to the entrance so they could hang out with their bestie, my ozimals bunny Sunray Tomorrow.
Tranquility Grove - the Soedara Gate

Gateway to Arwen's

And, just for fun, I put my awesome Wonkavator to take people up from the park to the store! hehehe. They can also take the TP'er, and the store LM of course lands you right at the store. I made a cool little landing pad for the Wonkavator, and this great sign :) :)

Wonkavator to Elegance (moonberries-Nams)Ride Wonkavator

Because I have a whole sim to play with, I was able to spread the store out some.
Elegance New Main Store May 2014

The garden area is outside, and the buildings holorezzer, and also I made a neat mermaid habitat area for mermaid and undersea stuff.
Mermaid Habitat
Garden Center2

My "Whimsical" Piano
Sooo for some reason or other, out of the blue, I suddenly decided I needed a piano. oh, I remember! I was setitng up a Jardin apartment on my holodeck with the Amethyst living room set, and decided a white piano was just what was needed. So I went on a hunt for a mesh piano. I found a great one, and then my friend Theo said, oh this woul dlook awesome on it, and sent me a texture he'd made himself. i was like.. um.. .bubbles? but I slapped it on, just to make him feel better, and took one look at the piano and went, ooooohhhhhh!!!!! it was love at first sight. I picked a pretty caribbean blue quilted velvet for the bench cushion to pick up the blue in som of the bubbles, and proceeded to spend, literally, hours, picking songs.
EbE Whimsical Piano AD (Moonstar)

I had a blast, laughing myself silly as I chose songs... decided because of the bubbles, I wanted a kind of "water" theme... river, ocean, rain, bubbles... so..... the song lineup includes:
Sky Boat Song
Under the Sea (karaoke version)
Rubber Ducky
Michael Row the Boat Ashore
I Am a Pirate King
Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
Raining in my Heart
Singing in the Rain
Rains Down in Africa
Drunken Sailor
Sink the Bismark
Tiny Bubbles

also... and just to be *more* whimsical.... I put a little yellow rubber duck that goes around in a circle around the piano bench when you choose the playing animation for Rubber Ducky, and I put bubbles emitter in the keyboard that emits bubles when you pick the playing animation for Tiny Bubbles *grins* I just LOVE SL for being able to really express myself!!!! I just laughed myself silly, having fun with this! Next, I plan to make a classical piano and a blues/jazz piano, and a romantic piano.

EbE Whimsical Piano2EbE Whimsical Piano3

Here There Be Mermaids.....
Yes, I went crazy!!! I had soooooooooo much fun, this should be illegal. I found a simple rowboat sculpt, and upturned it, bracing it with some rocks, and surrounded it with colorful seaplants. I added a larger boulder to one side to allow more scope for mermaids to sit and preen or whatever. The pink crab was just too cute in front, and I added some anemones that emit little seahorses, and I set the bushes behind the rowboat to emit bubbles. Then I had loads of fun adding mermaid sits and floats and spins in all different places... under/inside the rowboat, perched on top, or on the rocks to the side or floating above. I rezzed it in the park sim, by the mer lagoon there, and worked on it there, I so love working in the ambience I"m trying to create, LOL. Anyway. It all got done, but it still wasn't quite right, it was missing something. So I went searching and found some Spanish moss to hang off the raised edge, and then in an "ah-hah!" moment, I put a treasure chest back kind of hidden under the far end of the boat. One last thing, I was just dying to do something with the mesh seahorse I'd gotten, but it was just so... well... ugly. hehe. Not the seahorse itself, but the textures that came with it. But if I used my own textures it wouldn't have eyes. Well, hmmm. Suddenly I remembered one of the mesh creators had made a set of faceted gems for jewelry; rather expensive, and since I don't make jewelry I could never justify the expense of buying one of them, no matter how much I drooled over the gem case whenever I went to the store *laughs* But now I had an excuse! So I got a diamond type cut (I'm sure there's an official term for it but I don't know it), and shrank it down and put my peacock gem texture on it, and a pink abalone texture on the seahorse... then placed it in the large pink seabush in the front of the scene, where it's kind of camouflaged... I"m adding a closeup picture so you can see if you can spot it... It's soooo cute!! Anyway, I'm way pleased with myself, and yeah, okay, so I do get this whole ego thing going when I build something that really tickles my fancy! LOL!

Sunken Mermaid Home AD


Sunken Mermaid Home3 PIC
Sunken Mermaid Home4 PIC
Sunken Mermaid Home5 PIC
Sunken Mermaid Home7 PIC

"Pet Fancy" Cushions... hold and pet a pet!
Here's a few pics... there's a Siamese cat, a curled sleeping, calico, a grown bunny, a baby bunny in a hat, and a ferret standing up on his back feet.

EbE Pet Fancy Cushion (mischievous gold)1 PIC
EbE Pet Fancy Cushion (mischievous gold)3 PIC

EbE Pet Fancy Cushion (mischievous pistachio) AD

EbE Pet Fancy Cushion (mischievous pistachio)2 PICEbE Pet Fancy Cushion (mischievous pistachio)3 PIC

Rebuild of the store this weekend
Sooo, while I really loved the "village shops" setup I'd built a few months ago, since doing so, 3 different people have asked me which store was mine. I figured, for each person who asked me there were very likely 2-3 dozen (or more!) who had the same question but didn't ask. Meaning, the separate shops were confusing, even though I had them set up super organized. And also ... I don't know. It didn't seem like there was good traffic flow. I've kind of had it simmering on the back burner, with some vague notion that what I really needed was one big wide-open space for people to wander about, and the merchandise organized into areas. Then Saturday night... I think it was Saturday night... the idea coalesced (around midnight, naturally) into an "AH-HAH!" moment... and I was off and running.  By noon Sunday, I was reeling and could hardly see straight (not to mention think) but I had the new build in place and at least most of the merchandise set out. There's a central area with a raised platform for new releases. A green tile pathway goes around this.  The major areas... Living Rooms, Beds & Bedrooms, Master/slave, Mistress/sub, Gor, Meditation, are set up along the walls. Then "miscellany" goes in the center area between the walkway and the new releases platform. The entire store takes up all but a few meters on the two sides facing Arwen's and House of Alcott, with doorways opening onto those two parcels. I put a roof on the back half of the store, and that's where I have garden things, and the houses & buildings holovendor. The main landing point and entrance is just inside the doorway facing Arwen's, and in a spirit of whimsy I put the few meeroos I like to have at the store, there near the landing point. I also made a "Welcome" sign and put them by the meeroos, along with a LM to the Meeroos sim for people to pick up a free Meeroos hud so they could pet the meeroos. I also sprinkled a few bunnies around here and there, but I left Arwen's favorite, Sunray Tomorrow, next to the walkway to her store, LOL.

Anyway, I had a total blast, I got to sleep Sunday at 12:30 pm. I got up at 5:30 to feed my cat, and was driven back to the computer to get the rest of things set out. By late  Sunday, for some reason or other, I had the most horrible headache. Fancy that :P  But I am TOTALLY pleased and thrilled with the new store! And I"ve been busy updating my holovendors, as some of them had to be positioned differently. It's good busy work, because my Muse is still on R&R from the weekend's effort, and I don't *even* feel like building. The only building I did, was this cushion you see here... once I got the meeroos into place, I then wanted to sit with them, naturally *laughs*, so I had a  couple of animations for holding and petting a bunny, so I put those in a cushion, and added a couple of mesh bunnies, two mesh cats and the cutest ferret to rez to hold. That's me holding the ferret on my knee in the picture here :)

Welcoming Committee2

Here's the original graphic of the welcome sign:

Welcoming Committee PIC

Hah! I remembered!
I'd dreamed about something to make out of hearts this afternoon but then I couldn't remember what it was when I woke up.... but I remembered! WOOT! A heart-shaped floating meditation sphere! :) You can't see from the photo, but the heart bubble she's sitting inside has hearts that are swirling across the surface in a bit of a slow glide.

EbE Floating Meditation Heart AD

Hearts Galore!
Okay, I've just been going crazy with Valentine's Day... hearts hearts hearts! I've made some hearts bookshelves, a planter that can hang on a wall, tables,then with supreme effort I finished getting the hot tub animations organized and ready to use and got two heart-shaped hot tubs and added a wine bucket with champagne on ice, and a few strawberries and a cluster of cherries artfully heaped on the ice (one of the cuddles I put in the hot tub was sitting in his lap feeding him cherries, lol).  Then I did a really cute reading nook, with a whole bunch of animations for relaxing and reading, including two surfing on a laptop. That shelf was so cute it was an inspiration to do more, so using that as my base, I made a swing with the heart base and heart-shaped flowers on either side, LOL. I already had the two "Sweethearts" heart beds from last Valentine's Day so I put those out, but everything else I've made in the last couple of weeks. I've had SOOOO much fun!!! And it's not done yet either!!!! I dreamed about something else hearts to make when I took a nap this afternoon... I can't remember what it was, but I"m sure I will... in the meantime, I'm going to go browse my inventory of heart stuff and see what inspiration strikes :) :)

This first picture is an overview of the Valentines Day corner of my store!

Hearts Galore1

EbE Heart Cuddle Swing5 PICEbE Hearts Planter AD

EbE Heart Reading Nook6 PIC
EbE Heart Shelf (fairy pink) AD
The Amethyst Sweethearts Bed PICElegance Sweethearts Bed

Untamed Dancing.... a creative alternative to pole dancing
No, this wasn't my idea! The animal is used as the focal point for the dance instead of a dance pole. I about fell apart when I first saw it, and then I HAD to make one (okay, some! lol) of my own!   Currently there are only 5 dances... it's tough finding FP dances :(  But I'm working on it. I also added 3 fun sits for hanging out (and showing off) *laughs* The first was the Bengal tiger.... I put him in a jungle habitat with a mesh jungle piece I'd just picked up on a whim a couple days ago, then it seemed perfect for the tiger... Then I wanted to do something different for the white tiger, so I put him in a mesh bamboo thicket that I'd gotten for the Japanese house on my park. Then last month I'd gotten a mesh polar bear to hang out inside the grotto on my park sim, and it was just the right size to work with the dances! Although it took a little adjusting, and naturally he had to go on ice, with snowy rocks and some pretty flowers :) I had an absolute BLAST, spent a whole day doing these three and then finding just the right place to take pictures. I took the pics of the Bengal tiger on my home sim near the tunnel entrance in a clearing surrounded by fir trees. The white tiger I put next to the Japanese house. At first I wanted a more winter/snow-y locale for the polar bear, but all that white was too much white to be able to see it, so I wound up taking the pictures inside the grotto, which gave a really nice overall effect. Oh, and I went out and bought the short kimono just special to take the picture with the white tiger, lol.

EbE Untamed Dances With Tiger ADEbE Untamed Dances with White Tiger AD
EbE Untamed Dances with Bear AD3Bamboo Dancing1 PIC
Bamboo Dancing9 PICPolar Dancing9 PIC
Tiger Dancing2 PIC

The "Nantucket" Living Room sets
So I wanted to do the Luxury in a different color scheme, and I spent like an hour, swapping out fabrics and stuff, and nothing gave me quite the right feel that I wanted, even though I couldn't have told you what I did want, it was one of those "I'll know it when I see it" things, right? Anyway, I had this delicately striped pastel fabric with medallions of different kinds, and do you know, I almost didn't try it. But for whatever reason, I tried on on the sofa, and that was IT!!!! JUST what I wanted! I had to change the wood, and used a different wood for each of the color variations (there are three... pale gold with oak, sky blue with pine and wisteria with beech). I was so pleased! And I was right in the middle of tweaking textures, when a notice came out about the new upgrade to AVSitter 2.0! I raced out and bought it, and since I was in the middle of these, I used them as my first project, since I had already spent several days working on the Luxury series. Then I needed a different name, because the original Luxury set wasn't made with 2.0. I don't know why, but for some reason these stripes always made me think of the eastern seaboard, cape cod, the boardwalk. They're not even faintly nautical so I have no idea, but they just always struck me that way... so.. I chose Nantucket :)

EbE Nantucket Living Room Set (pale gold-oak) ADEbE Nantucket Loveseat (sky blue-pine) PIC

EbE Nantucket Armchair & Ottoman (wisteria-beech)1 PIC
EbE Nantucket Sofa (wisteria-beech)4 PIC

I've been ages working on this....
I really loved the idea I had for this living room set, I just kept getting sidetracked by  (insert any item of choice here). Anyway! I finally decided yesterday I was going to DO it, come hell or high water. This may incidentally have something to do with my massive shopping orgy at Sylva's 2 days ago where I bought a whole bunch of couch cuddles. Not like I didn't already have a ton, right? anyway, it motivated me! The finished sofa and loveseat each have 65 of my best couples cuddles, and lots of singles sits and relaxing attitudes in the others, including reading and of course, a laptop! can't not have a laptop, right? :)

EbE Luxury Living Room Set (Oriental red) AD

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